Start mining with Nimiq Balkan Pool

About Balkan Mining Pool

Balkan Mining Pool is a NIMIQ Pool founded in March 2020 by a group of friends in order to support and share knowledge about NIMIQ throughout Balkan countries.

Minimum payout is 10 NIM and payouts happen automatically every 2 hours.

Current pool fee is 1% and we don't plan on increasing it.

Pool address:

Create A Nimiq Address

Visit Nimiq's Wallet to create an address. Always verify you are visiting

Remember to store your private key by saving your Login File, Password and 24 words. If you lose your 24 words you lose your NIM. Keep it safe.

Once you have a Nimiq Address, store it for later.

Install the Nimiq Miner

Configure the miner

By adding '//' at the beginning of a line you disable it. This is called commenting a line

Comment the following lines:

cert: “./my.domain.cer”, -> //cert: “./my.domain.cer”,
key: “./my.domain.key” -> //key: "./my.domain.key"

Configure this line (note that you also need to uncomment it) :

//protocol: “wss”, -> protocol: “dumb”,

In the miner section, configure the miner to be enabled (you only have to uncomment it):

//enabled: “yes”, -> enabled: “yes”,

In the pool mining section, enable pool mining by uncommenting the line:

//enabled: “yes”, -> enabled: “yes”,

Configure Balkan Pool

//host: “pool.domain”, -> host: “”,

Add your address

And finally start the miner.